What do our customers think?

Thank you to our customers who graciously permitted photos of their DVDs to be displayed alongside their comments!

Council Rock DVD

So easy to work with - and very accommodating! The end results were fabulous! Both students and parents loved the professional-level DVD of our show.
Sheryl Miller Hosey, Council Rock High School South, Holland, PA

Ruth DVD

Timeless DVD was one of the best companies I have ever worked with. They provided excellent service in production and delivery and were quick to respond to any questions that I had through e-mail. I was very pleased with the final product and would highly recommend their services.
Lauren Ruth, Harleysville, PA

Ohlinger DVD

My family and I are just delighted with the DVD your company produced for us. Everything is just how I imagined it would be when I started working on the project. It was completed on time and at a reasonable price! Thanks - the DVD is a family treasure!
Mark Ohlinger, Reading, PA

MOV file

This was one of the best service experiences I have ever had, for any type of work. Clarity from first glance at website. Highly responsive and informed staff who take the time to explain, offer suggestions and options, keep the customer informed, deliver and followup. The final product was better, more timely, less expensive - and with the hard disk, much more convenient - than I imagined. I will use them again and recommend them to everyone.
Pat Byrne, Largo, FL

Piver DVD

My experience working with Timeless DVD was no less than seamless and perfect. I had called four other businesses who do similar work and researched online for options, but Timeless DVD stood out way ahead of the crowd as far as reasonable cost, end product quality, options for special and unique features, and exceptionally kind and conscientious responses to my inquiries and questions about my project. I highly recommend Timeless DVD and the invaluable services they offer.
Zea Piver, Newtown Square, PA

Steelman DVD

I appreciate your accurate work and timely performance. Twice now I have mailed my Mini DVDs to you and you have efficiently responded to my needs and handled the work in no time, returning all my original media to me, along with a copy of my media in accessible form. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and the easy access I have to you in the form of your prompt response to my e-mails. Thank you so very much, Timeless DVD.
Laura Steelman, J.D., Houston, TX

Lorentz DVD

I was very nervous sending my family's videos in the mail to be transferred to DVD. I can't tell you how pleased I have been with your service. From the excellently laid-out estimate, the fabulous customer service, to the outstanding finished product. I am thrilled with all of it and have shared both your name and work with friends and family. Thank you for saving our most precious memories!
Amy Lorentz, Appleton, WI

Miss Maggie DVD

I approached Timeless DVD for a last-minute project and they delivered. Not only did they provide the MP4 I requested, but they also provided me with a full-length DVD (with artwork) of the video I had submitted to them (at no extra charge). They have helped me to promote my business in a more professional manner.
Peggy Gernerd, Miss Maggie Sings!

Summers DVD

We handed Timeless DVD what ended up being a very difficult and challenging job, and they were so professional and in touch with us during the whole process. I would use them again and again and would (and I will) refer them for any future video projects. We were informed of any and all steps they had to take to make sure we were getting the best product back from them.
Ann Summers, Philadelphia, PA

Hurlock DVD

I looked and brought my mini DVDs everywhere (so I thought) and was just about to give up hope when I found this website. My expectations were low as no one else seemed to be able to do the job. When I found out that Timeless DVD was ABLE to transfer them, I was ecstatic. They worked with me to get the DVDs in time for a very important birthday and the DVDs came out beautiful!
Julie Hurlock, Coventry, CT

Cipolloni DVD

Timeless DVD produced priceless memories of my family. I am so very happy and impressed with the DVDs. I'm glad to have transferred all my videos. My children enjoy watching themselves on the DVDs as much as watching a regular movie! You can never replace a memory of the experiences you live. Enjoy them on DVDs and relive them.
Mercedes Cipolloni, Philadelphia, PA

Thomas DVD

I highly recommend this service. We worked with Timeless DVD to document our relationship leading up to our wedding and first year of married life. The Timeless DVD team members helped us through every step of the process to make sure that we were satisfied with the final production. They were very patient, professional, and exemplified what it means to provide customer care and a high-quality product.
Melanie Thomas, Lansdale, PA

AVI file

We were not sure what we wanted to do with our old camcorder videos, and Timeless DVD was very patient in explaining the various options. The final product - conversion to AVI, with then formatted DVDs - was exactly right for our needs.
Mark Dixon, Wayne, PA

Peck DVD

Timeless DVD was very helpful and wrote me several lengthy and informative e-mails. They take great pride in their work and do a top-notch job of DVD duplication.
Kris Peck, Seward, AK

Private DVD image

Timeless DVD is a remarkable little company (found on the internet with no reference!). They show an enormous amount of pride in their work and a great dedication to quality. I had all of our family videos converted to DVD and it was worth every cent.
Pamela Laucks, Philadelphia, PA

Gordon DVD

I sent you two DVDs that I needed copied. They were both from a trip with family and friends to Israel for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Turns out that one disk was damaged prior to me sending it to Timeless. They contacted me and reported the problem. But instead of simply telling me I was out of luck and ending the project right there, Timeless suggested another service might be able to repair the damage. During the next couple weeks, I"m not sure how much time and effort Timeless DVD put into this project, but I suspect it was quite a bit and certainly far beyond what I would have expected. I truly appreciate all of Timeless's time and efforts in helping me with this project and would recommend and use Timeless DVD for all related projects in the future.
Eric Gordon, New York, NY

MOV file

Thanks to Timeless DVD, my husband and I recently had a wonderful time: for the first time in 12 years, we could watch our wedding video again! I was recorded on a European format PAL-VHS cassette, so in the US we had never been able to watch it. We sent a big box with all our different VHS cassettes, Mini DVDs, Mini-DV, and other data formats, and back came a beautiful slim memory hard drive. Everything was wonderfully labeled and sorted by timeline. Now, our best memories are only a click of the mouse away. Timeless DVD is a reliable, trustworthy, and friendly service. They gave us status updates and were in touch with us every step along the way - this is crucial when you give all your visual memories to a third party. We have just sent them a second batch of old, old tapes and files to convert, and I highly recommend their services to friends and family.
Nele Husmann, New York, NY

Costantini DVD

I recently found a video from my parents' 50th anniversary party in 1993. I decided to transfer the video to a DVD and also wanted a few copies for my sisters. After perusing the web for a company, I selected Timeless DVD. Their website was very straightforward, and their prices reasonable. I sent the form with all of the specifications and the video to them with a requested due date. The results are spectacular. I received the DVD before my due date. The DVD label and case label were professional. I was amazed at how well the job was done. I played the DVD immediately. It is technically perfect. With the case and DVD looking so professional, I wish I had done a better job as videographer. The results are so good that I am having copies made (by Timeless DVD, of course) for my extended family too. Timeless DVD answered all questions in a very timely manner and very positively. I would definitely use Timeless DVD again in a heartbeat for any of my transfer projects.
Gene Costantini, Bensalem, PA

Iamurri DVD

WOW! - The quality is exceptional and the attention to detail is incredible. The amount of meticulous hours spent by Timeless DVD on converting my videos of priceless home movies to DVD is astonishing. My videos were treated as if they were their own. The finer details of creating personalized menu options, music, and the pictures on boxes and disks are beyond reproach. Outstanding - I would highly recommend using Timeless DVD to convert all of your priceless videos. They are a throwback from the past - this is how businesses should be run and how work should be done.
Anthony Iamurri, Logan Township, NJ

Fleck DVD

Received the DVDs yesterday afternoon in good shape. Last night we watched the first one, one of the older ones, and were very impressed. You really did a GREAT job and we really appreciate it. I never thought I'd see those old videos again. I want to thank you for all your good work and feel that it was well worth the cost. Now if I could convince my brother to send you all those old home movies, that would be great. Maybe when he sees how good a job you did on these and how EASY it is now to view them, he'll be motivated!
Roger Fleck, St. Petersburg, FL

Philipp DVD

The people at Timeless DVD made our family the nicest Christmas gift anyone can imagine. The copies of the videos are better than the originals and the cataloging made it super easy to pick what we wanted to see. We had not looked our kids' videos for years and are very happy that we picked Timeless DVD to do the job. It could not be done any better. Thank you Timeless DVD from the whole family.
Al Philipp, Osseo, MI

Pryzslak DVD

I am so very happy with the work done to convert our family video to DVD. The process was so easy! I was concerned about quality - but the final product came out better than I expected. I highly recommend Timeless DVD and won't consider using anyone else! Thank you!
Sophia Pryszlak, Philadelphia, PA

Lycoming College DVD

It is a thrill to see the history of the Lycoming College Choir come alive on the DVD. The production is creative and the DVD is captivating and entertaining. Timeless DVD are both perfectionists and artists.
Dr. Fred Thayer, Director, Lycoming College Choir

Private DVD image

There are many outlets offering video to DVD transfers, but not all are equal. Timeless DVD executed my order flawlessly. I could not be any happier and would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Stephane Volkenborn, Philadelphia, PA

Rodriguez DVD

I wanted to give my husband our wedding video for our anniversary but I wasn't sure how to transfer the camcorder video to a DVD and didn't have much time. I googled a few things and found Timeless DVD. They came to my rescue!
C.R., Beaverton, OR

Suler DVD

Timeless DVD did an excellent job of creating our DVDs. We were very impressed with their technical mastery of transferring videos, their attention to every detail, and the friendly and courteous manner. Our family videos are precious, so we're very happy that they are now transferred to DVD by such careful professionals.
John Suler, Doylestown, PA

Dunne DVD

The transfer of our videos to DVD was done with top-notch quality. The animated scene selected feature, included in the price, was priceless. My wife and I were just cracking up. Advice? Don't do transfers by yourself. Timeless DVD is an unbelievable value.
G.W. Dunne, Lansdale, PA

Allison DVD

My husband and I have been assigned all over the world for 25 years for work. We owned 2 short recordings: our wedding in Budapest, Hungary, and a birthday party for our 2-year-old in Pakistan. We never had the time to transfer our videos to DVD, so the tapes sat in storage for years. I discovered Timeless DVD online and mailed my tapes, and within weeks, we were able to see new and improved images that swept us back in time. We were able to share these images with my elderly parents, who had not seen either video, as we had been overseas for so long. Thanks, Timeless DVD!
Kristin Allison, Great Falls, VA

Private DVD image

Timeless DVD has given me the chance to view my childhood memories when I never thought I would get an opportunity to again. The quality of the videos transferred is excellent. So far I have transferred 5 videos and I have a lot more on the way. Timeless DVD will always be my first choice and I would recommend this business to anyone. Thank you Timeless DVD for allowing my husband and I to view our family Christmases, Easter egg hunts, baseball games, weddings, and birthday parties.
Jade Long, Fredericksburg, VA

Stephens DVD

The preservation of my family's precious memories was very important to us, and we concerned due to the age of our videos. Timeless DVD did a wonderful job converting them (almost 9 hours worth), packaging them, and returning them to us by mail. I was very pleased with the quality of the product, and my wife is so grateful to see our family's early days again. Timeless DVD's price was very low compared to the high quality of the returned product. The price, the product, and the professionalism make us unhesitatingly recommend Timeless DVD.
Barry Stephens, Fairfax, VA

MP4 file

I had an old video of my brother for 50 years. I wanted to share it with family members using YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube did not accept the format. I sent the old video to Timeless DVD and they converted the video to the proper format, and I was able to upload it to YouTube where family and friends can see it.
Henry Hensel, Ocean View, DE

Koenig DVD

We treasure the DVDs we received from Timeless! Our old movie reels were transferred, and we were amazed at how they turned out. Our 37-year-old daughter was a toddler on one DVD, and now her 1-year-old daughter looks exactly like her. We had proof! Thanks for great service.
Christa Koenig, McQueeney, TX

Masciotro DVD

The DVDs are everything I wanted and more. I looked into a dozen places and felt Timeless DVD was most professional! I was nervous in making a decision since I had over 30 videos to be combined but once I got my originals back and put the new DVDs into the player, I knew instantly I made the right decision.
Gina Masciotro, Philadelphia, PA

Brennan-Scott DVD

I love to have my expectations exceeded and Timeless DVD did just that in creating a DVD for my husband's 65th birthday party. The video was a terrific synopsis of my husband's life and really depicts the wonderful and fun person he is. Additionally, not only was my husband extremely touched by it, but much to my surprise, many of the guests were overwhelmed as well. Suffice it to say that the DVD had a huge impact in filling the party with both laugher and tears (of the good kind). Thank you for bringing such happiness to the occasion. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Your creativity and professionalism in creating this keepsake did exactly what your name implies - that is, gave us a "Timeless DVD" that we will treasure for life. I look forward to using you again in the future as well as recommending your services to others!
Donna Brennan-Scott, Flourtown, PA

Walker DVD

It's my pleasure to provide a testimonial to the quality service and communication I received from Timeless DVD. At last I found someone whose attention to detail far exceeded my expectations! Following my experience with a local chain store that resulted in poor quality DVD transfer from my videos, I searched the internet for a solution. The tapes worked fine when viewed in the camera but I didn't understand why the video quality was very poor on DVD. That led me to your superb website that explained how tapes need to be monitored during transfer so corrections can be made along the way. After contacting you by e-mail, I felt completely at ease mailing my precious tapes to you. You communicated well and thoroughly every step of the way. I have high expectations of customer care and truly have never had them met to such a degree. You could teach the course on quality customer service and quality products! You offered suggestions along the way, including how to enhance the appearance of the DVD cover. The result was an amazing gift for my husband's birthday. He and I were very, very impressed. Needless to say, I plan to use your services for any of my future video transfer needs. I would encourage others to do the same. Your prices are very reasonable and in line with the chain stores, whose quality doesn't match yours. Why go anywhere else?
Dr. Carol Walker, Annapolis, MD

Weiner DVD

With a tremendous leap of faith, I packed 19 videos into a box and shipped them clear across the country to Timeless DVD. Not only was a sending videos, I was sending all the irreplaceable family memories captured in every one of them. The prompt, excellent, and personalized customer service I received instantly put my mind to rest and convinced me I had made the right choice. Before my new DVDs and originals were shipped back to me, Timeless DVD contacted me (more than once) to confirm and ensure that my instructions were followed regarding the correct sequence, titles, and chapters for each of the four 2-hour DVDs they were creating. On they day they arrived, I was completely wowed by the professional looking, custom-designed and labeled DVD cases. I was also delighted with the format and quality of my DVDs. Extensive notes accompanied them describing some issues with the original videos, which let me know that the folks at Timeless DVD had paid careful attention to each scene they transferred. I ordered copies for my family members who were just as awed by them. If you are the slightest bit hesitant about surrendering your precious family videos to Timeless DVD for converting - I can earnestly tell you, "Don't be! Take the leap!" I did, and am most grateful...and you will be too.
Stefanie Weiner, Los Angeles, CA

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Simon DVD

We absolutely loved our DVD. It was incredible. Timeless DVD is amazing. They did a fabulous job and my mother was not only completely surprised, but speechless over this beautiful gift that we get to share with the whole family. Thank you, Timeless!
Cheryl Simon, Chalfont, PA

Klymciw DVD

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DVD! I know how to make DVDs at home with software, but I knew this job was very special so I left it to the pros. What a good decision! I may have picked the photos and the music, but Timeless DVD brought the two together seamlessly.
Diane Klymciw, Valencia, CA

Bohmer DVD

Thank you for the wonderful job. Everything was just as you promised. Even though it was just a few weeks before Christmas, you were able to finish the conversion to DVD per my request so I could give them as presents. Your service proved to be safe, reliable, and prompt. Thank you again for a job well done.
Rick Bohmer, Dublin, PA

Mehta DVD

Wonderful service! Timely, thorough, friendly responses. Turnaround time was excellent. Very happy with DVDs. Just seemed very personalized from start to finish and they seemed to understand the valuable nature of the cargo.
Pallav Mehta, Philadelphia, PA

Private DVD image

Thanks for your prompt and excellent service. I especially appreciate your clear communication on these Aim for Excellence DVDs. I look forward to future work with your company.
Alamaia Will, Princeville, HI

Stickler DVD

Timeless DVD did an excellent job converting my video to DVD. The quality of the end product was excellent. All communication and billing was understandable and professional.
Mitchell Stickler, Lewes, DE

Robbins DVD

If you're looking for exceptional service with a personal flair, then Timeless DVD is for you. They made my first experience with this type of service very easy and fun. They kept me updated with personal emails and made suggestions that made my project come out better than anticipated. We are so pleased and can't wait to send in our next project.
Nancy Robbins, Salsbury Cove, ME

Pokrifka DVD

Timeless DVD transferred our family videos from formats that we had no way to view. It had been so long since we had seen them that we had forgotten those memories. Watching them had us laughing and crying, and it was the best gift to get back these memories! The job that they did was terrific - they even put them in chronological order and dated them even though we had no idea what date they were from.
Lynn Pokrifka, Jenkintown, PA

Weiner DVD

Timeless DVD was outstanding! They treated our memories as if they were their own personal memories. 17 years of home movies converted to DVD. They were understanding, considerate, sensitive to every detail. One of my best investments and money well spent with Timeless DVD.
Dennis Weiner, Hummelstown, PA

Private DVD image

I thought I had lost my camcorder videos from my kids, but I was lucky to find your company. The videos were transferred to DVDs, and now we are enjoying watching our family videos anywhere...DVD, laptop, PC, etc. Thank you for such a great job.
Carmen Tabares, Santa Clarita, CA

Stembel DVD

Thanks so much Timeless! We are thrilled with the DVD that you created for us. We asked if you could create a compilation of several jazz performance pieces - and you did so, seamlessly. The editing is perfect, packaging equally so. Thanks again.
David Stembel, Haverford, PA

MOV file

I was very pleased by the work done by Timeless DVD. I had old videos that were of very poor quality, and needed some TLC. Timeless DVD paid an enormous amount of attention to detail, and made them look better than I could have hoped.
Josh Howard, New York, NY

Gibas DVD

I found a box of videos and a broken camcorder, and had to find someone to convert them to DVDs. My research found that most companies send the tapes to India for automatic processing. Timeless DVD was one company that doesn't send the tapes overseas, so I tried them. I'm glad I did because the tapes were analyzed and a brief description of the contents was e-mailed to me. One tape had contents I was unaware of. Based on the descriptions, I was able to decide what would be put on each DVD. The results were great!! The DVDs from Timeless DVD had more detail, and the colors were much better than what I had previously tried with a VCR/DVD recorder. Because of the great results, I have sent them another batch of videos and will continue to use Timeless DVD until all my videos are converted.
Gary Gibas, Long Grove, IL

Fanucci DVD

We hadn't watched our wedding video since it was taken 8 years ago. We didn't have a player for the format that was used. I found Timeless DVD while searching for something else on the Internet. I sent them my video along with music and a wedding pic. they stayed in constant contact with me through the whole process. I'm big on customer service. They were great. The video was shot by my wife's little brother who was killed in a car accident. so this was a precious video in more ways than one. What I received was more than I had hoped. The quality and arrangement was perfect. My deepest thanks to all involved. Any future projects I have will be done by Timeless DVD.
Bob Fanucci, Pemberton, NJ

Foulke DVD

We loved the Timeless DVD website. We felt that all of the "frequently asked questions" were addressed so that we were educated and confident before sending our project. Communicating via email was convenient and fun. We did not select or submit a custom cover, and felt that the one selected by the producers was a perfect choice for presentation to our family. We would highly recommend this service and are glad that we can tell others to stop procrastinating and start saving and sharing precious memories!
Ellen W. Foulke and Allen W. Fleming, Lansdale, PA

Scott DVD

I had my mother's wedding video, from the '70s, converted into a DVD. This was the perfect Christmas gift! I even had her wedding song play on the main menu. That was her favorite part. This would make the perfect gift for anyone!
Michelle Scott, Philadelphia, PA

Private DVD image

I am most grateful for help in preserving some of my old videos. Timeless DVD did a super job of transfer to DVD, and the professional presentation in the cases makes it easy to display my DVDs.
Dr. Kathryn Chilcote, West Chester, PA

Shive DVD

I searched for a local service that I could trust to transfer my tapes. I'm so glad I found Timeless DVD! They even followed my instructions for cutting out sections of my video perfectly.
Patti Shive, Quakertown, PA

Reuben DVD

I really appreciate your taking the time to transfer our old family memories onto a new DVD so quickly. We've had so many laughs remembering old times, and my mother was truly touched by the gift. The DVD is excellent quality, and we love watching it over and over!
Katie Reuben, Ardmore, PA

Reichert DVD

Thank you so much! The e-mail updates were much appreciated. The service was impeccable.
Nicole Reichert, Quakertown, PA

Liedel DVD

Your work was great! I needed it in a rush and you were able to meet my deadline, as well as give great service. The DVDs were done professionally for not a lot of money. My family enjoyed them. Thank you!
Rachel Liedel, Quakertown, PA

Hercek DVD

The work that was done on my DVD was excellent. Even though the footage I had was old, Timeless DVD brought it all together on a DVD I will cherish forever.
Sheila Hercek, Sellersville, PA

Private DVD image

Thank you for the great DVD! I really appreciated how responsive you were to my e-mails and how you were able to meet my tight deadline. Next time I will get you much more time! Thanks again.
Jonathan Mills, Long Beach, CA

Hanley DVD

The folks at Timeless DVD were amazingly easy to work with. We used e-mail and the final product was even better than expected. I have already recommended them highly to several friends.
Debbie Hanley, Lighthouse Point, FL

Marshall DVD

Initially, I had hoped to take on my video project myself, but I felt completely overwhelmed with the technical aspect. Timeless DVD made everything so incredibly easy and the staff was so flexible and accommodating that I can't believe I even entertained the idea of going at this project alone! The final outcome was so smooth and so professional. The DVD is something my husband and I can watch for years to come.
Courtney Corkhill, New York, NY

Epstein DVD

The team at Timeless DVD did an amazing job of converting my video to DVD. Though the project took a little longer than anticipated - due largely to the fact that many of my tapes were poor condition - Timeless DVD gave me frequent status updates and I was always reassured that progress was being made. Thanks again for your hard work. My wife and her family have told me numerous times that converting the family's tapes into something "watchable" has been the best gift they've ever received!
Matt Epstein, Morristown, NJ

Private DVD image

I e-mailed Timeless DVD prior to my order for an estimate. They responded quickly and thoroughly. I was contacted when my videos arrived, when they were starting to be transferred, and when they were shipped! Excellent communication. This gave me so much confidence in the company! I had no regrets choosing them. My DAD turned out AWESOME!
Kari Schlief, Waverly, MN

Dreyer DVD

Outstanding! I am very impressed and would recommend Timeless DVD to everyone. My daughter has a DVD that she will treasure forever.
Geoffrey Dreyer, Wayne, PA

Springfield Hospital DVD

We were very pleased with the copied DVDs. They have been working well. I have a few more to send out! Thanks.
Jennifer Snow, Springfield Hospital, Springfield, VT

Purring DVD

The end result was beautiful! We didn't give you a lot to work with and what we ended up with was very nice. It is a great way to have our memories to look back at whenever we want.
Todd and Rebecca Purring, Chalfont, PA

Private DVD image

The quality of the DVDs were great - especially since the quality of the videos was not so good. I now have my son's first 3 years on a DVD that we can all watch as a family.
Shannan McGarry, Omaha, NE

Titus DVD

We are very pleased with the quality of the videos. It has been fun to watch old movies we haven't seen in so long and reminisce.
Sarah Titus, Leawood, KS

Toto DVD

Everything was great. Everything was very professionally done, even the DVD cover! This was a big hit at the party and my wife loves it.
Christopher Toto, North Wales, PA

Dusky DVD

The DVD was much better than I had anticipated. The video sent was a good 20 years old. The cover is beautiful. I highly recommend Timeless, you do quality work.
Bonnie Dusky, Clarkston, WA

Leonard DVD

Thanks so much for the DVD – it is a wonderful keepsake! It was the perfect gift for an important birthday. And it was the hit of the party. The guest of honor sat there in awe as his life unfolded on the big screen via transferred videos. Everyone told me how much they enjoyed it.
Mary Ellen Musselman, Newark, DE

Private DVD image

Timeless transferred a rare recording of a concert to DVD. The quality of the recording and the packaging was amazing and well exceeded my expectations. There are other providers in the market who provide this service, but Timeless DVD's focus on quality is a clear differentiating factor.
Aaron Snodgrass, Kearny, NJ

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Fontoura DVD

I have been very impressed with the quality, workmanship, creative bent, and diligent effort exhausted by Timeless DVD to complete my project. It was a challenging, time-consuming initiative, but they actually went out and purchased a used version of my video recorder to find a last-ditch way to convert my videos to DVD as perfectly as possible - unbelievable! Very skilled, trustworthy, and passionate professionals took care of my family memories - thanx!
Daniel Fontoura, Loma Linda, CA

Weiss DVD

The quality of DVDs was excellent, and the packaging was also very well-done. We had previously had our video transferred at a local store, but the quality of the DVDs from Timeless DVD was immeasurably better and well worth the price. Also, Timeless DVD worked very hard to minimize problems that were already apparent on the original video, so the resulting DVDs were as good as possible - even better than the originals. Thanks for making such an effort to preserve our memories.
Jordan Weiss, Havertown, PA

Feick DVD

I had planned to make a DVD of my son's first 2 years to show at his birthday party, but quickly found out just how time-consuming and difficult it would be. I was thrilled when I found Timeless DVD on the internet and relieved when I found out how detailed and talented they were. They did a wonderful job with the DVD, which was not only the highlight of my son's party, but also a treasured keepsake for our family.
Ashlie Docktor-Feick, Harleysville, PA

AVI file

Thanks to Timeless DVD I got to see myself and my friends being young again. They transferred over 10 hours of long-forgotten video to AVI format. I got it back on the hard drive I provided in record time and great quality. I'm very pleased with my experience with Timeless DVD and recommend them to all my friends!
Alexander Souponetsky, King of Prussia, PA

McGlynn DVD

Timeless DVD was very professional and easy to deal with. Once I filled out their forms and sent them 25 years of family home movies, the rest was in their capable hands. I received the DVDs in the requested time frame, with the content all there, and terrific looking DVD covers that made this a perfect holiday gift for my mother and siblings.
Margie McGlynn, Flourtown, PA

Bucci DVD

I can't tell you how pleased I am with my DVD and the job you did with it. Especially since it was video from 1953 through 1965! I along with my family can relive these wonderful memories of days gone by. Thanks again.
Barbara Bucci, Doylestown, PA

Brobson DVD

Your attention to detail and your extra effort made this special project enjoyable. You treated our memories as if they were your own. The final product was more than we could have hoped for.
P. Kevin Brobson, Harrisburg, PA

Private DVD image

The service provided was exceptional! We had a few videos that we were unable to view or convert. Because of Timeless DVD, we now have our memories back! We cannot thank you enough!
Shannon McWilliams, Philadelphia, PA

Johnson DVD

The video quality was just like the original. It was a learning curve working with Photoshop and trying to get the DVD case right. The folks at Timeless DVD were very helpful in getting through that process.
Chris Johnson, Waldorf, MD

Navarro DVD

I just want to thank you for the amazing job you did. I thought I had lost this video. I am sure that I will come back to you in the future with other videos I have.
Sergio Navarro, Brownsville, TX

MOV file

Timeless DVD did a great job converting my videos to Quicktime on my hard drive. Fast service, good quality, and good price.
George Griffin, New York, NY

Private DVD image

I had no device to view my archived videos. I found Timeless DVD. They were very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend them. The quality of their work is excellent.
Edward Leonard, Collegeville, PA

Ryder DVD

The DVD was a huge success! My girlfriends LOVE it! We had to watch it 5 times because they kept screaming and yelling over one another. They were so touched by this gift idea. Thanks again for helping to bring it to reality. I will always treasure it as well as my friends. Timeless DVD truly has a wonderful gift that gives other people such joy.
Linda Ryder, Quakertown, PA

Nowinski DVD

When I created a DVD for my daughter's crew team, I searched for the right people to duplicate it for all the parents. I was very impressed with the professionalism, personal service, and value of Timeless DVD. When I need the same high quality product and service this year, I know who to call! I was extremely satisfied and will use them again for my personal needs.
Tad Nowinski, Lansdale, PA

Meyer DVD

Product was more than I expected. Your questions to me, where you got into the processing, enhanced the final product. Very satisfied with the result.
William Meyer, Frankfort, MI

Tornes DVD

Top quality work, couldn't be happier with the result. Had tried another (local) processor before - total failure. I'll definitely use Timeless DVD again.
Steve Tornes, Worthington, OH

Private DVD image

I was pleased with the service. The rush service was effective and I got my DVD back quickly. I would use Timeless DVD again.
Patrick Cargan, Wallingford, PA

McAuliffe DVD

My husband's DVD was a huge hit. The quality was excellent and you turned it around in record time.
Lisa McAuliffe, Boston, MA

Shellah DVD

I never got to tell you how my DVD transfer is. I have to say, it was WONDERFUL! The cover art looked so beautiful and the video quality was certainly a great step up.
Ahmad Shellah, Elmsford, NY

Garofalo DVD

Customer service was great. Timeless turned around my DVDs in less than 2 weeks during the holiday season. Just in time to give to Dad for Christmas! Thank you.
Greg Garofalo, Chicago, IL

Private DVD image

Working with Timeless DVD was a pleasure - I feel that the opportunity to have someone else review the films to produce the best quality without duplicates was worth it. the family is happy to have the DVDs!
Avis McDermott, Lansdale, PA

Private DVD image

This was an extremely easy process. Timeless DVD was warm, direct, professional, and very easy to work with.
Peggy Walsh, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Savage DVD

My family and I love the results of having the DVD instead of tapes. Great job and on time.
Amy Savage, Norwalk, CT

Myer DVD

We can't thank you enough for the DVD you made for our parents. Everyone loved it and it brought the whole family to tears. We couldn't be happier. Thanks so much.
Alison Myer, Douglassville, PA

Karweik DVD

I just can't tell you enough how satisfied I am with the quality of your work. The DVD is beautiful. My parents were speechless. They both cried (not a common occurrence for my father - ha!). We had a wonderful Father's Day and your work gave a special touch to a great day. Thanks so much again!
James Karweik, South Milwaukee, WI

Christenson DVD

Timeless DVD provided endless care and concern toward my anniversary DVD. They were willing to go out of their way to present me with an unforgettable anniversary gift for my wife. The compassion they show to their customers is not undermeasured. I would advise anyone to trust Timeless DVD with creating unforgettable memories for people like me. Thank you, Timeless DVD!
Ryan Christenson, Wallingford, CT

Mead DVD

When I was looking through a search engine on my computer, I was happy to find your company to transfer my family videos. At the post office when I mailed them, the clerk asked me the value of what was inside the box. I paused and said "Priceless." It's all my children growing up, and I appreciate how well your company treats my videos as though they were your own.
Renee Mead, Clarendon, PA

Klein DVD

Timeless DVD repaired my broken video and recorded several tapes to DVD. All DVDs came out looking great, including my 20+ year old VHS tape! They e-mailed me when they received my tapes, when they started the project, and when they finished and shipped my DVDs and tapes. I really appreciated the pro-active communications!
Jeff Klein, Royersford, PA

Puchta DVD

We hadn't watched our vacation video for years. The video was taped in 1979 so we thought it was a lost cause! But you saved our video. Timeless DVD transferred our home movies to DVD and the video looks clear and bright! The DVD turned out to be a perfect gift too.
Joe and June Puchta, Fort Myers, FL

Private DVD image

The service is top-notch. Timeless DVD responded quickly to all of my email queries prior to me sending a video. The DVD they created for me looked great! Very professional work and very courteous service.
Mark Walton, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Proctor DVD

Considering the age of this video, I am surprised that you did such a good job in transferring it to a disk. Thanks.
Jack Proctor, Cocoa, FL

Pilecki DVD

From beginning to end, the service and expertise of Timeless DVD provided an excellent resource for the preservation of our family's history in the form of a professionally-produced, tastefully-done DVD.
John Pilecki, Quakertown, PA

Private DVD image

The quality of the product, customer service, and communication were great. I would use Timeless DVD again.
Naomi Bishop, Eugene, OR

Rittenhouse DVD

Our DVD turned out better than I ever could have imagined! The customer service was unbeatable. Thanks!
Carly Rittenhouse, Conshohocken, PA

Sollitto DVD

Beautiful job! My videos now look professional. I'm very happy.
D.S., Neenah, WI

Densel DVD

Loved the administrative staff. Kept in constant contact. The DVDs are good!
Eileen Densel, Laurel, MD

Private DVD image

Timeless DVD made memories that I couldn't access available once again.
Sarah Mellema, Yosemite, CA

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