Why Timeless DVD

We're a little different from the average video transfer service

For almost 2 decades, Timeless DVD has offered customers four main benefits:

safety at Timeless DVD


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affordability at Timeless DVD


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convenience at Timeless DVD


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quality at Timeless DVD


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safety background safety background


Nothing is more important than your family's memories. That's why our most important value is concern for your discs. We ensure your family's DVDs and Mini DVDs are well taken care of while they're in our studio.

no outsourcing

No outsourcing, ever!

All work is done on-site in our studio in Pennsylvania, not some faraway mass-transfer facility. When you send your discs to us, you will know exactly where they are. We are proud to be 100% Made in the USA!

15 years in business

Long track record

We've been in business since 2003. That's almost 2 decades' worth of DVDs and videos produced for customers just like you. Visit our Reviews page to see 100+ comments and photos of real projects we've created.

safe shipping at UPS

The safest shipping possible

We exclusively use trackable UPS shipping, and in our decades of business, UPS has never lost or damaged one of our shipments. Plus, your order arrives at a secure, temperature-controlled private box, where it can be signed for if you wish.

affordability background affordability background


You don't have a ton of money to spend on your DVDs! We know that. That's why we have developed our service to include lots of choices. We offer affordable solutions that the big box stores and digital transfer services don't provide.

dvd duplication cost

Cheaper than the superstores

Timeless DVD specializes in providing services that the superstores overcharge for. For example, copying a single DVD at a big box store or drugstore generally costs between $20-$25! Our price ranges from $8-$15. Visit our Mini DVD and DVD Duplication pages for side-by-side comparison charts.

transfer camcorder to DVD to combine mini dvds

Combine your Minis, save big

We can combine your Mini DVDs onto regular DVDs. Combining saves you money and creates a smaller collection of DVDs in your house. Most superstore video services refuse to combine Minis (or tapes) because they make more money if they copy each Mini to a single DVD.

USB flash drives and hard drives

A hard drive made for you

We can provide a hard drive that's the exact right size for your converted files - so you're not paying for more space than you need. You are also welcome to send in your own USB Flash or hard drive for free - a cost-saving benefit that few services offer.

And don't forget: all our prices are posted online. We make it easy to figure out exactly what your project will cost. No need to get a quote, or worry if a feature isn't included in the price. We are straight-forward and all-inclusive. Plus, unlike most duplication companies, we don't require a minimum order.

convenience background convenience background


Ordering from a large service can be a real pain. Timeless DVD is a small business and we prioritize making your order easy and convenient.

DVD copy service ordering

No account setup

We use a simple order form that you mail in with your discs. No complicated online account setup, no forced login, no password to remember! It's super-easy to order exactly what you need.

free home video archiving

Free archiving

For DVD projects, we store your disc's files forever, for FREE. No subscription fee or complicated account needed to order additional copies. If anything happens, your memories are backed up and protected, and we can create an additional DVD copy anytime.

mini dvd to digital disc recovery

We solve disc problems

Does your DVD or Mini have a playback issue? Basic recovery of problem discs is included free of charge. We also provide Mini DVD finalization and extensive disc recovery services. There's a very good chance that video you think is gone forever might not be.

As a small studio, we can offer you higher quality, flexibility, and personal attention a superstore can't. So feel free to write extra notes on your order form or ask for a certain due date. We're happy to fulfill requests, so just let us know!

quality background quality background


Since we opened in 2003, we have focused on providing the best quality across the board, from the equipment in our studio to the discs and cases used to create DVDs. We produce discs and files to the high standards we want for our own.

best DVD disc media

The best discs, period

We only use JVC/Taiyo Yuden DVD media, widely considered to be the best quality discs on the planet. High disc quality means the discs we copy for you will last longer and be more compatible with a variety of DVD players. We offer them in glossy waterproof and traditional matte finishes, always with on-disc printing.

transfer mini DVD to DVD cases

DVD cases you'll love

Our DVD packaging will astonish you. We provide full-color, glossy packaging, featuring a choice of our 50+ design templates. Add as much title information to the cover as you want! We only use authentic Amaray DVD cases - no cheap cardboard packaging here!

transfer mini dvd to computer file types

Get the file type you want

Most other companies just offer MP4 files with standard settings. But MP4 isn't one-size-fits-all. We provide video files designed for various purposes, such as editing, sharing, watching digitally, or simply preserving. And we're Mac and Windows compatible - no worries that a file won't work on your computer.

One of the best reasons to work with us is our experience. We know exactly which software programs and settings achieve the best conversion results. We know how to rescue video from a wonky Mini DVD. We know how to design a DVD cover so it looks great. So you're guaranteed to get the job done right, the first time, without having to learn any complicated software, buy your own supplies, or figure out graphic design yourself.

Get started now and make your DVDs work for you!

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